How it Works?

What is jvBuyer?
jvBuyer is an online platform which aggregates buying intentions from various individuals to offer group deals which are negotiated for special offers based on group size and product types.

What is the green bar with min? 
The bar shows what is the minimum number of people are required to activate the group buy.

What does Max mean on the deal?
The max indicates the maximum number of items available, deals are on first come first served basis, so be quick to join in the group buy as all deals are limited.

What does Deal Ends mean?
It is the time you have to participate in the group buy, once the clock is zero the group buy have ended and new buyers cannot buy the deal. So make sure you join the group buy before the time runs out.

How can I tell if the deal I joined is On?
When you see ‘This deal is on’ displayed under the deal when the minimum number requirement is met. You will be sent an email and you can also track if the deal is on by logging into your account. And your great stuff is you will be given your points if you already bought the deal.

What is Share this deal?
Share this deal function allows you to share the deal with your friends. You should share the deal to increase the group buyers. It will help the deal reach the minimum buyers required point and turn the deal on.

What happens if the minimum number of buyers do not meet at the end of the deal?
The deal is cancelled and you will not be charged.
For credit card payment, your bank will refund the money to your credit with no charges. Normally, it takes about 30 days depend on your bank.
For cheque payment, jvbuyer will issue a cheque to you within 7 days.

jvBuyer is fabulous, how do I join as member?
To join as member is easy, you can either
1. Click on "Create New Account/Member Log In" area and register as member OR
2. If you already logged in to your facebook account, you can just click on the facebook login icon. You will be automatically login and become member. And you will receive an email stated the username and temporarily password. And you can edit the information after you logged in.

What is the benefits of becoming members?
You can start to collect jvPoints after you register as members. With the jvPoints, you can redeem fabulous items.

Source : http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/works