Friday, 11 May 2012

Natural Heat-release Theraphy Pillow

[50% OFF] A higher quality of sleep helps you look and feel better! Natural Heat-release Theraphy Pillow RM199 instead of RM398. Free Delivery to Peninsular Malaysia. Prefect Gift for Parent's Day.

A mother’s work may never be done, but that’s not a viable excuse to evade giving tokens of appreciation. A father's work is on the other hand hard and unknown by most people. Both builds a happy family for the goodness of your future. This coming Mother's Day and Father's Day, it is time to show your parents the tender loving care with this Theraphy pillow.

Sleepless night is a nighmare for most people expecially working people and elderly people like your dad and mom. It messes up the daily life and time of working and sleeping, in a 180 degree turn, which means you are sleep at work/day time and wake up on bed. Put your mind to rest with today’s jvBuyer deal: RM199 instead of RM398 for a Natural Heat Release Theraphy Pillow from Totalife Malaysia.

Introduction the revolutionary Chiromatic Flexi-Fit water pillow, carefully designed and engineered for a luxurious and quality sleep. Made of the highest quality materials used in the medical industry, each pillow is hand-made through stringent quality control to achieve maximum durability and therapeautic benefits. The pillow promises some advantages that is unbeatable on other pillow in the market, among those are protects and adjusts neck bone’s physical angle, release heat for physical and emotions refreshment, relieve tiredness, pain and stiffness, improve breathing ability to reduce snoring, reduce or prevent nostril allergy, promote good sleeping quality, better health for youth and rejuvenation and washable with light shampoo or mild detergent.

The Chiromatic-Flexi Fit water pillow design naturally supports your head and neck while gently responding to changes in your sleeping position, ensure you a profound and comfortable sleep. Take one home today and jump into the beautiful dream with your love ones.

- 100% Anti-dust mites
- Adjustable height
- 4-5 times more durable
- Cooling sensation
- Hand washable & hygiene

Beneficiary: Alam Bin Ismail
Age: 26
Origin: Penang
I sweat easily and my pillow always becomes wet and smelly. This caused me sleeplessness at night. Chiromatic Flexi-Fit Pillow provides a cooling sensation that helps to reduce sweating when I sleep. The washable pillow surface and anti dust-mites also helps to reduce allergies on my eyes and nose.

Beneficiary: Ms Lui
Age: 31
Origin: Batu Pahat
I used to be sleeping not well at night and always awakened. Fortunately Totalife introduced the Chiromatic Pillow. With this pillow, I can sleep well until the next day without awakened and do not feel any pain on my shoulder. Now, I look dan feel energetic every day.

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