Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Polo Sport or Swatch Sunglasses

[66% OFF] Platinum 1.56 Multi Coated Lens+Frame+Eye Examination+Free Gift+RM68 to spend on Prescription glasses of Polo Sport/Swatch for RM68 instead of RM198. Choose any 1 design you like!

Having any very one sided conversations with street lamps these days? Wondering why there"s never any signal on the remote control to phone your friends? Things may have become a little blurry around the edges but not to worry, today’s deal from Max Vision Eyecare in Kuchai Avenue will stop you wiping your muddy feet on the cat for just RM68.

Get a full and thorough eye examination from their highly skilled optometrists using state of the art technology and high-tech imaging equipment. Once your eyes have been fully assessed, you"ll also have RM68 to spend on spectacles or prescription sunglasses. And with a range of designer brands like Polo Sport and Swatch, your peepers will never have looked so good. Click "Buy Now" and jvBuyer will thank you later.

More Details at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/66-off-platinum-1-56-multi-coated-lens-frame-eye-examination-free-gift-rm68-to-spend-on-prescription-sunglasses-of-polo-sport-swatch-for-rm68-instead-of-rm198-choose-any-1-design-you-like.html


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