Friday, 4 May 2012

Versatile Pillow

[63% OFF] Support your Neck/Shoulder/Leg with Versatile Pillow for RM26 instead of RM69.90.

Do you suffer from neck aches? do you have sore shoulder? or throbbing lower back? If unnatural posture causes problems sleep easy with Versatile Pillow for total comfort. Only Versatile Pillow locks in place and supports you in 5 ways. It is a cervical neck support, supports and aligns your spine, ideal lumbar support, perfect shoulder support and the ultimate leg support. Whether you are on a plane, in a car, watching TV, in office or playing games for long hour, this is a mate for you everywhere.

The pillow is the amazing, versatile pillow that changes its shape in seconds for perfect support so you can bend it, twist it, shape it to fit your needs. The pillow is filled with tension-easing micro-beads and covered with brushed microfiber/stretchable fabric for comfort.

The pillow adjusts to shape to support and align your head and spine. In just seconds twist this pillow for lower back (lumbar support) for the computer. Double the support to neck while watching TV. Total Pillow supports your neck, ankle, knees anywhere you need total support. Supports your neck, Ankles, knees or anywhere you need total comfort! Customize and lock this amazing pillow into any Position. Ergonomic design, great for Lumbar Support.

More Details at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/63-off-support-your-neck-shoulder-leg-with-versatile-pillow-for-rm26-instead-of-rm69-90.html


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