Thursday, 7 June 2012

Car Wash Polish vacuum Waxing Max Shine Centre Sunway

[85% off] MEGUIAR's Car Wash + Vacuum + Polish + Waxing + Dashboard & Door Panel Shine at Max Shine Centre, Sunway for RM58 instead of RM406

If cars weren’t bound by a contract written in motor oil, they would probably leave their owners at the first sign of race car driver tendencies or the first proof of earsplitting vocal capabilities. Assuage cars’ disgruntled feelings with today’s deal: get your car washed, waxed, polished, vacuumed and door panel shine for RM58 instead of RM406 at Max Shine Centre.

A visit to Max Shine Centre will surely restore any car into top working condition. With this deal, jvbuyer members can give their cars a spa holiday complete with thorough washing and deep vacuuming. Cars will also be given an enviable shine with full body, dashboard, door panel, rim and full engine polishing and high-tech waxing. To polish cars, Max Shine Centre uses products that are known for providing highly specialized polish solutions for almost every conceivable type of surface. A/C vents, tyres and headlights will also be thoroughly cleaned. Reward your car with a showroom-worthy look with this deal from jvBuyer.

More details at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/85-off-car-wash-vacuum-polish-waxing-dashboard-door-panel-shine-at-max-shine-centre-sunway-for-rm58-instead-of-rm406.html


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