Monday, 18 June 2012

Fridge Balls

[37% OFF] Keep fruits and vegetable fresh using this Fridge Balls. For only RM19 instead of RM30. FREE DELIVERY TO WEST MALAYSIA!

Fridge Balls keep your fruits and vegetable fresh longer. The fresh packs absorbs the ethylens gas and keeps fruit and vegetables crisp. Fridge balls use all natural minerals. NO more waste and spoilag e.Just place the refrigerator balls into each product drawer Keep your produce fresher, longer. Extend the life of fruits and vegetables by weeks!

Quit tossing away the produce you just bought and toss a Fridge Ball into your refrigerators. How Fridge Balls Work--- As fruits and vegetables age they create gasses that cause them to spoil prematurely. Supermarkets and grocers know this so they use potassium minerals to absorb these gasses in order to prolong the life of their produce and now you can too!

Each Fridge Ball contains a packet of potassium minerals that absorb these produce-rotting gasses, so you can keep your fruits and vegetables fresher, longer right at home!

More info at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/37-off-keep-fruits-and-vegetable-fresh-using-this-fridge-balls-for-only-rm19-instead-of-rm30-free-delivery-to-west-malaysia.html


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