Monday, 25 June 2012

Keyboard Protector Clear Screen Protector

[61% OFF] 1 UNIT of Macbook Casing (Matte surface,rubber)+1 UNIT Keyboard Protector+1unit of Clear Screen Protector for only RM119 instead of RM306. Free Nationwide Delivery.

Macbook Case's hard-shell cover sheaths snap on to 13-inch MacBook Pros to protect them like helmets protect the brains of slumbering spelling-bee trainees. The high-quality cover exterior staves off scratches and dirt, and its built-in rubber feet grip slick surfaces to keep computers in place. The trendy case garbs your Mac in a bold color that helps it stand out when you take it to a park and let it romp around with other laptops.

With fashionable case, your macbook no longer need to rely on modified shoe boxes and glued together banana peels for laptop fortification. Also, non-Mac users can give the case to their Apple addict friends as a nice surprise birthday gift or use the item as a placemat when dining in fancy restaurants.

Dazzle testy technology with a kaleidoscope of colours, keep gadgets from grousing by ensuring their keyboards remain clean and dry, as well as looking pretty to boot. Choose from a range of evocative colours, designed to evoke emotion from the most emotionless of machines.

More details at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/61-off-1-unit-of-macbook-casing-matte-surface-rubber-1-unit-keyboard-protector-1unit-of-clear-screen-protector-for-only-rm119-instead-of-rm306-free-nationwide-delivery.html


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