Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Magical Peeling Glove

[43% OFF] 2012 Japan most innovative product. Magical Peeling Glove. Peel potato, fruits and vegetable easily at RM26 only.

Magical Peeling Gloves remove only the thinnest layer of skin, so there is more potato for you and your family to enjoy! Quickly and easily prepare all your favorite dishes with Magical Peeling Gloves. Effortlessly peel potatoes and fruits for mounds of fries, fruit salad, creamy mashed potatoes or potato salad for your next barbeque. The possibilities are endless with Magical Pealing Gloves!

Tough skin Magical Peeling Gloves remove a very thin outer layer of potato in seconds so there is more for everyone to enjoy. Peels a potato in eight seconds! Thick Magical Pealing Gloves are safe to use and won't result in nicks or cuts. Magical Pealing Gloves let you peel potatoes,fruits and vegetables safely, without the need for sharp knives or blades, saving you time in the kitchen.

Note: Product will have rubber smell when first open, smell will gradually wear off. All gloves are manufactured under strict Japanese standards and is fully imported.

More details at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/43-off-2012-japan-most-innovative-product-magical-peeling-glove-peel-potato-fruits-and-vegetable-easily-at-rm26-only.html


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