Monday, 4 June 2012

Transcend 16GB Micro SD Card

[63% OFF] Transcend 16GB microSD Card (Class 4) for only RM33 instead of RM88.00. Lifetime Warranty. Self Collection.

Everyone owns at least some sort of a portable electronic device, Blackberry, tablets, Digital Cameras, mobile phones.

It is known that all the latest devices needs high memory for the images/video/music. It is frustracted when you start to capture a video and the memory sign is blinking.

Most of the devices comes with only 2GB or maximum 4GB of memory. Most of the time, your beautiful memory is gone when the microSD memory is full. Never miss out a priceless opportunity to capture precious moments instantly with today's deal starting at 16GB.

A Transcend 16GB Class 4 MicroSD card will effectively double/triple the average storage capacity of your gadgets. Smallest of its kind, the MicroSD card packs a whole lot of space. It has a high speed data transfer capability of 4Mbps. What's more, t has a low battery consumption feature that allows users to maximize the battery life of their gadgets.

Transcend microSD Cards provide reliable, portable data storage. Featuring high transfer and write speeds, they are compatible with most digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, PDAs, netbooks, digital audio players and video game consoles. Designed for daily use, Transcend Cards are trusted by professionals worldwide for storing and transporting critical documents, presentations, photos and media content.

Tempting, click 'BUY NOW' and pay only RM33.00 instead of RM88.00 for a full set of microSD Card+a SD Card Adapter.

With Transcend microSD Cards, your data works harder and while you rest easier!

Transcend microSDHC 16GB
High Data Transfer Rate
Highest Compatibility and Reliability
Speed performance rating : Class 4 ( SD 2.0 )
Plug and Play compatible

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