Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Super Flexible Hug Light

[ 49% OFF ] Get Super-Flexible Hug Light For Only RM35 Instead of RM69.FREE Delivery to Peninsular Malaysia!

Wear it. Wrap it. Pose it. Point the light where you want - however you want - and keep your hands totally free! Regular old stick-in-the-mud flashlights - move over! The new kid on the block has 2 super-flexible arms with two high-intensity LEDs on each end. Excellent work area illumination is accomplished by one wide-angle LED and one spot LED located on each arm. LEDs can be fired individually or in concert. Fine-tune your light level by using any combination of the 4 LEDs. Two AAA batteries provide 40 long hours of illumination.

More details at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/49-off-get-super-flexible-hug-light-for-only-rm35-instead-of-rm69-free-delivery-to-peninsular-malaysia.html


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