Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Magic Stick Touchscreen Creator Pen

[56% OFF] Coolest Gadget, turn your computer monitor a TOUCH SCREEN tablet TODAY! Magic Stick - Touchscreen Creator Pen (Windows OS) for only RM178 instead of RM399. Free Peninsular Malaysia delivery!

Even the smallest touchscreen monitors will run you hundreds of dollars, but why throw away your money when you can receive the same functionality for cheaper and easier? This amazing high-tech gadget is now offered at an amazing price! Order your sample today because only by trying it out yourself can you truly appreciate how cool it is.

It’s magic
Just clip the small sensor to the side of your existing screen, then use the special stylus pen directly on your screen for handwriting, drawing or as a mouse replacement. You can also clip the sensor to any other flat surface, for example a notebook, and write on it for easy input into your computer!

Imagine this: in your sales meeting with a customer, you take out this magic touchscreen creator pen. You paint on the screen to illustrate what benefits they will get from buying your products. Alternatively you can highlight the part in a sales contract that your customer should pay special attention to. Isn’t this a more friendly and convenient way to communicate?

Or perhaps you are thinking about buying a gift for a gadget enthusiast friend, or the kids. This will make a great present for its sheer novelty. In fact, you can use one yourself to surprise your friends too!

Just install the included drivers on the CD, connect the sensors via USB, and this Magic Stick is ready to go! Use it for clicking, dragging, writing, highlighting, and much more. The increase in speed and convenience is not only great for increasing productivity, but imagine the fun and creativity offered when playing games and drawing/illustrating on the screen!

1. Primary Function: touchscreen pen and handwriting input for laptop and pcs
2. Color of Pen: Black
3. Color of Sensor: White
4. Connector: USB
5. Power Source: 1.5 V Button Battery x 3 (not included)
6. Compatible Systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
7. Dimensions: Pen: 145 mm (L) x 10 mm (Diameter); Sensor: 76 mm (L) x 26 mm (W) x 18 mm (D)

More details at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/56-off-magic-stick-touchscreen-creator-pen-windows-os-for-only-rm178-instead-of-rm399-free-peninsular-malaysia-delivery.html


  1. is this product still available for offer price ?