Saturday, 25 August 2012

Shills Aqua Hydrating Mask

[22% OFF] 10 pcs of Shills Aqua Hydrating Mask (Originally manufactured & import from Taiwan) for only RM35 instead of RM45. Nationwide delivery available!

SHILLS Aqua Hydrating Mask is a mask that alleviate to maintain water level itself in order to maintain moisture and whitening effect in a long lasting period; prevent wrinkles and other unsightly flaws, leaving a healthy and complexion skin.

a)      Moisture and whitening effect for a healthy complexion skin leaving you amooth and radiant look.
b)      Prevent moisture loss and maintain hydrating function to your skin.
c)      Dryness and crackness will changed to healthy skin.

More details at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/22-off-10-pcs-of-shills-aqua-hydrating-mask-originally-manufactured-import-form-taiwan-for-only-rm35-instead-of-rm45-nationwide-delivery-available.html


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