Monday, 30 April 2012

Authentic Coach Ashley Leather Hippie

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A good handbag carries the load, impresses onlookers, and always gives the best high-fives. Clap your palms onto today’s today's deal: Authentic Coach Ashley Leather Hippie that only cost RM689 instead of RM1500. Bursting through the virtual doors of MyBagLovers, customers can trawl the online aisles for their pick of colourful handbags and accessories.

Without proper organization, a handbag can feel like a bottomless pit of receipts, cell phones, origami ostriches, door handles and despair. Today’s deal brings you a Coach handbag which is uber-classy and perfect for the woman on the go!

So ladies, exude confidence in that  glamourous heels, or dress down with jeans and tee, and have these arm accessories by your side everywhere you tread.