Wednesday, 2 May 2012

JBL Loudspeaker Dock

[38% OFF] JBL On Stage 400P High Performance Loudspeaker Dock for iPhone / iPod at only RM899 instead of RM1429. You will get 10 jvPoints for FREE!!

Your music, the JBL way. Clean, powerful sound with lots of bass punch. It’s what JBL audio components have been delivering for more than 60 years. The JBL On Stage 400P system puts all that experience to work in a loudspeaker dock for your iPod, iPhone or any music source with an audio jack.

The JBL On Stage 400P loudspeaker dock is a complete sound system for the iPod and iPhone--one that will become the new centerpoint of your personal entertainment space. Imagine a total audio system in one place, with no extra wires running across your table or desk. Connected to your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, or other music source, the JBL On Stage 400P system produces clean, powerful sound, letting you take complete control of your music.

The JBL On Stage 400P loudspeaker dock combines many proprietary technologies for the highest quality sound, offering astonishing bass and clear sound from any direction.
Odyssey and Atlas transducers--The Odyssey drivers provide accurate high frequencies, while the Atlas woofer produces clean, powerful bass.

Slipstream port design--The JBL On Stage 400P port minimizes boundary layer separation, resulting in high-output bass with low distortion.

COE (Computer-Optimized Equalization)--The JBL On Stage 400P system equalization is computer-optimized, for a rich, complete soundstage.

OCT (Optimized Compression Topology)--The proprietary compression technology ensures clean, accurate sound at high output levels.

Finish: Black
Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, most docking iPodmodels, MP3 and CD players, gameconsoles, desktop and laptop computers(all platforms) and satellite radio.Certain product features may not besupported by all iPod versions

Input Requirements: Main connection: docking connector for iPod and iPhone. Auxiliary connection: 3.5mm (1/8") stereo mini-jack.

Drivers: One AtlasTM neodymium transducer and four Odyssey® transducers

Power: 2 x 15 watts Subwoofer: 1 x 30 watts
Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20kHz
Dimensions: Width: 362mm (14-1/4") Height: 95mm (3-3/4") Depth: 183mm (7-3/16")
Weight: 1.7kg (3.8 lb)
Input Impedance: > 10kohms

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 85dB
Special Features: Comes with IR remote control

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