Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Coolmaster 4mil Safety Film

[87% OFF] Coolmaster 4mil Safety Film To Protect Glass Shattering, Break & Snatch And Heat For Only RM187 instead Of RM1099. JPJ APPROVAL! 7 Years Warranty.

Car tints are like sunglasses for your four wheels. They add a mystery and an allure to your mall-parked cars imbuing an air of aloofness and brooding in them. Let your car make a statement with today’s deal. Get Security Films on your car for RM187 instead of RM1099 at Coolmaster Subang.

Security films repel water, reduces glare, and counteracts witches' storm-conjuring hexes, increasing visibility in the rain as well as keeping your identity safely hidden. The special films never change color, reduce fading of your car’s interior and come with a 7 years warranty. With such high security that can make it a lot harder for the thieves to smash your car window, just take a call and drive home your stylish & more secure carrier.

More details at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/87-off-coolmaster-4mil-safety-film-to-protect-glass-shattering-break-snatch-and-heat-for-only-rm187instead-of-rm1099-jpj-approval-7-years-warranty.html


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