Thursday, 28 June 2012

DIY Hair Cutting Guide

[ 50% OFF ] DIY Hair Cutting Guide + FREE Magic Fringe Holder Sheet for Only RM20 instead of RM40. FREE Nationwide Delivery!

Sometimes when your hair bangs grow longer and need just a little shaping up, its a hassle to go to the hair salon for trimming here and there. It’s especially a headache for those who are working and simply could not find the time to visit a hair salon before it closes in the evenings.

DIY Hair Cutting Guide is an easy home hair cutting solution. Easy home haircuts for yourself and kids, trimming bangs, maintaining your hairstyle quick and easy. No more expensive salon visits for simple hair touch up's.

It has interlocking teeth design that evenly combs and distributes the hair, so that you can achieve perfectly even haircut results right at home. It also has a rotating leveler that allows you to easily create angle cuts, side bangs, layers and numerous other professional hairstyles you would like to experiment.

It is great for trimming bangs and fringes on your own and also performing haircut for your children at home. Buy this deal right now and enjoy 50% off of this DIY Hair Cutting Guide for RM20. Trim your hairy problems right away!

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