Friday, 20 July 2012

Buy Nokia Ngage QD Malaysia

[53% OFF] RM179 for Nokia Ngage QD Mobile Phone. Free Peninsular Delivery!

This second edition of Nokia’s game deck design was a groundbreaking product for mobile gaming back in 2006. In what is widely viewed as a repair job on the first N-Gage, the QD has made substantial improvements to a ridiculous phone that was derisively referred to as ‘Elephant Ears’ because of the way it had to be held up to the ear.

Let us quickly go through a list of all the improvements that have been made here. First of all, the QD has a smaller size than its predecessor at 123cc versus the earlier 139cc. The speaker has been relocated to the front of the phone, just beside the number pad, and the MMC game card can now be hot-swapped, or replaced without having to remove the battery. Removing the battery caused something like a 30-second delay to reboot the phone and start the game. The newer versions of the QD have the Arena Launcher application built into the phone, and this will automatically connect you via GPRS to other players around the world who are interested in playing the same game head-to-head. Available in grey colour.

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