Monday, 23 July 2012

Bubble Bra Washers

[50% OFF] 2 Units of Bubble Bra Washers for RM20 instead of RM40. Free 1x Bra Clip + Free Delivery Nationwide!

Bras are delicate and often unable to withstand the unfeeling spin cycle of the washing machine and often ends up being squashed and straps being tangled with other clothes. We know what you are thinking. Don't even consider hand washing, your time is too precious for that.

Get a Bubble Bra Washer today, it's two shell design works to support the cups and prevent them from getting damaged in the washing machine or from the weight of other clothes during the spin cycle. Unlike a bra bag, the wash balls also prevent damage from the weight of other clothes during the spin cycle. Furthermore the utilitarian curve support cuts and prevents strap from being tangled with other clothes.

The usage of this clothing-saving creation is simple:

1.  Place each bra cup around the smaller shell.
2.  Tuck bra straps inside the small shell through the arc holes.
3.  Snap the larger shell around the bra and affix hooks to secure washer ball.
4.  Place inside washing machine and relax.

Keep your little treasures looking their best so they can keep you looking your best.


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