Saturday, 14 July 2012

Car Salt Lamp With Natural Ion Generator

[60% OFF] Car Salt Lamp- A Natural Ion Generator for RM40 instead of RM100.FREE Delivery within Peninsular Malaysia!

Made of Himalayan Crystal Salt imported from Pakistan the finest Mine of Himalayan Salt located in Khewra, Pakistan. The Car lamp is a natural air ionizer that effectively boosts the number of negative ions in your car. The ionization effect is enhanced by heating the crystal salt with a bulb installed on the inside.  As a result, the lamp improves the quality of our environment, and protects from harmful positive ions generated by CD player, LCD Screen, GPS Receivers, Mobile Phones, tobacco and Fuel smoke.

More details at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/60-off-car-salt-lamp-a-natural-ion-generator-for-rm40-instead-of-rm100-free-delivery-within-peninsular-malaysia.html


  1. I want to buy this this car salt lamp for my loving car. It looks so gorgeous. Is this product/another designs available still now?