Friday, 13 July 2012

Carcam HD Car DVR

[50% OFF] HOTTEST 2012 CAMERA DEAL! Avoid Road Bully! Have it all recorded in this dual Car Camera. Pay only RM199 instead of RM399. FREE PENINSULAR DELIVERY!

To men, car is like their second wife! So how can you let your second wife get hurt? Catch the culprit in action with this slim and sleek car cam recorder!
Not only does it act as a car cam, it can also be used as digital camera to capture any moment especially still moving object! Both day and night images captured are equally clear and sharp which can be used as supporting evidence should there be incident arising.

The technology comes with HD quality recording and bright lens, and is sensitive to the slightest change in road conditions. When cars get too friendly with other cars, or overzealous with the pavement, the live feed lets drivers know immediately. As a video recorder, the device has different recording modes for a variety of potential scenarios. By default, the black box will continuously record its surroundings, but it can automatically calibrate to Impact Record or Emergency Record when its sensors pick up adverse road conditions.

So protect yourself from road bully and prevent if bad things happen accidentally. Steal this car cam for only RM199 today!

More details at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/50-off-hottest-2012-camera-deal-avoid-road-bully-have-it-all-recorded-in-this-dual-car-camera-pay-only-rm199-instead-of-rm399-free-peninsular-delivery.html


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  2. Great post! Very informative and helpful for those who are in search for Car DVR online. Thank you!