Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Menstrual Pain Relief

[50% OFF] Hot Pillow for menstrual pain relief only RM40 instead of RM80. FREE Peninsular Delivery!

Direction for use:
 1.   Securely connect the pillow to the charger (two round pin power cord is provided). Plug the charger into the power outlet and turn on the switch.
2.   Charge the pillow for about 5 to 8 minutes till indicator lamp automatically changed.
3.   Turn the switch off. Unplug the charger from the power outlet and the pillow is ready to use. This will remain hot for 2-3 hrs with 70-80 degree Celsius.

1.   Voltage:220-230V
2.   Frequency:50-60Hz
3.   Power:500-600W
4.   Automatic power-off
5.   Explosion proof
6.   Environmental protection
7.   Comfortable hand feeling

This newly modern hot pillow is very portable and useful to provide warmth to a specific part of your body (as a medical treatment) e.g. for pain relief during pregnancy confinement and menstruation, for aches and pains, as a chill chaser, to warm up the following body area:

1.   Foot area
2.   Tummy
3.   Waist
4.   Buttock
5.   At the back
6.   Other part of the body and joints

This modern hot pillow is definitely a much better alternative than the traditional fireplace. Not only that, this modern hot pillow can also be used for the followings :

1.   As alternative treatment for miscarriage
2.   To ease off period pain
3.   Arthritis Pain
4.   Stroke recovery
5.   To ease off tummy ache
6.   To ease off body swelling
7.   Helps in Losing Weight

An aching back, tension headache and murderous stomach cramps all add up to difficult menstrual pain. For many women this suffering is not just for the days of the month she has her period but for a few days before and even a couple afterward. Menstrual pain can effectively cause a women discomfort for two out of the four weeks a month. Fortunately, there is modern hot pillow to relieve symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle. Buy now, only RM40 at jvBuyer.

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