Wednesday, 22 August 2012

HandyScan Cordless Portable Scanner

[57% OFF] HandyScan Cordless Portable Scanner for only RM209 instead of RM480. Self Collection (Delivery Option Available)

Instantly digitize all those newspaper snippets, business cards, and receipts with the HandyScan Cordless Portable Scanner! Capable of capturing full color 600 DPI resolution images onto a microSD memory card, this handheld scanner helps preserve important files, receipts, and any other documents you need saved.

The HandyScan Cordless Portable Scanner makes it easy to instantly scan and digitize anything. Just move the scanner over an area and its sensitive color image sensor scans at high (600 DPI) or standard (300 DPI) resolution, saving images onto a microSD card for easy retrieval. Photos, business cards, books, newspapers, magazines, receipts, notes - the HandyScan Cordless Portable Scanner is great for everything!

1. Sensor: A4 Color Contact Image Sensor
2. Scanning width and length: Width 8.27"; Length: 300DPI: 50"(Max), 600DPI: 25"(Max)
3. Standard resolution : 300x300 DPI; High resolution: 600x600 DPI
4. Maximum Scanning Speed: 13 Seconds (Color High resolution), 3.0 Seconds (Color Low resolution), 6.0 Seconds (Mono High resolution), 2.0 Seconds (Mono Low resolution)
5. Capacity based on 1GB Micro SD (not included), A4 size file scanning: 323 Photos (Color High resolution), 1190 Photos (Color Low resolution), 372 Photos (Mono High resolution), 1320 Photos (Mono Low resolution)
6. Memory: 1GB to 32GB micro SD card (Not included)
7. File format: JPEG
8. White balance: auto
9. Auto power off After 3 minutes of inactivity
10. Power source: 2x AA battery (Not included)
11. Battery life: Two AA batteries provide up to 180 600DPI scans
12. USB Port: USB 2.0
13. Dimensions: 256X30X31mm

Product Notes:
1. Lower DPI is useful for scanning text, black and white pictures
2. Higher DPI is great for scanning color pictures
3. Built-in display will show selected resolution, remaining battery life, and memory status
4. Cordless, handheld scanner - take it with you everywhere
5. For maximum quality scans, make sure the document/book is on a flat surface

More details at http://www.jvbuyer.com.my/57-off-handyscan-cordless-portable-scanner-for-only-rm209-instead-of-rm480-self-collection-delivery-option-available.html


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