Thursday, 23 August 2012

Portable Refrigerator/Car Air Purifier

[63% OFF] New Eliminate Bad Stale Odors for Fridge / Car air Cleaner LT-88 for only RM55 instead of RM150. FREE Peninsular Malaysia Delivery!

Portable Refrigerator Air Purifier
This Refrigerator Air Purifier is an innovative device utilizes ionic technology to generate ozone and anions to purify the air thoroughly.Neutralize stale and foul odors with fresh air inside refrigerators, closets, bathrooms and cars, etc.Refrigerator Air Purifier kills all kinds of bacteria to avoid the growth of mildew.Very ideal for use in refrigerator to keep the foods fresh for longer time.Built-in smart micro CPU, which makes the unit intelligently control the operation cycle and mode with one touch and indicate with colored LED.Start to use it in your refrigerator right now to experience the difference from before.Fridge Purifier with ON/OFF and MODE buttons for easy operation.

Product Model: LT-88
Voltage:6 V/DC(4AA batteries)(Batteries not included)
Consumption Power:≤ 0.6w
Negative ions concentration: 3000000 pcs/cm3
Ozone concentration:   8 mg/h
Working Temperature:-10℃~40℃(14℉~ 104℉)
Temperature to stock:-20℃~60℃(-4℉~ 140℉)
Machine size: 70 x 70 x 130 (mm)                
Packing size: 90 x 90 x 152 (mm)
Weight: 180 g

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